Cattle Sales

Over the last 20 years, we have hosted our annual fall sale here in the mountains of West Virginia selling Open Show Heifer Prospects and Bred Heifers. As our boys have gotten older and we have jumped heavily into Artificial Insemination and Embryology programs to produce the high quality cattle every year. This year we moved our sale to our farm in Missouri to allow our program to expand even more. Stop in and view the cattle in Missouri and join us for our sale hosted by SC Online Sales on October 23rd. We’re selling 50 elite show heifers and a select few steers.

We Believe In

Good Cattle

Good cattle that work, that feed, that produce, and that are practical and productive has been our goal since day one of starting this sale. We strive to make our genetics work in every aspect of showing, production, and consumption. When you buy a female from this sale, you open up a relationship and friendship with us to value for many years to come.

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The Teets Family

As a family, we believe in good cattle, and it is good cattle that brought us together and formed a friendship for many years to come. We share the same passion, drive, and belief in what this industry means and how we can make it better. We believe that God set apart people to be stewards over his animals and that he brings us together to achieve great things.

We want these cattle to work in the real world, and we want them to work for you and in your show strings and production herds. We take great pride in making sure we are doing our part to feed the world, raise our kids the right way, and provide our customers with the best we have to offer. There is a lot of work that goes into this lifestyle that we live, but it is so worth it.