Our Story

Our livestock program offers Non-GMO Corn Fed ranch-raised beef in the Lost River Valley of West Virginia. We strive to care for our animals as a family so that you can experience the difference in the taste of our beef program.

We Are The

Teets Family

Welcome to Teets Cattle Ranch where our goal is to produce a consistent, high-quality product that is raised under proper animal husbandry and environmental standards for our annual Mountain Classic Production Sale. Since our first Annual Production sale, Since then we have tripled our herd size as well as implemented an embryo program that aids in pushing the genetics we strive for a little quicker in motion. We live and strive to honor our motions through the blessings of our savior, Jesus Christ.

God keeps his promises

Proverbs 16:3

You were born for a time like this

Esther 4:14

God knew us before we were born

Jeremiah 1-5

All things turn out for the good

Romans 8:28

We can’t mess up the plans he has for us

Psalm 33:11

Meet The Family

We are the Teets Family, and we run Teets Cattle Company. Producing seed stock requires the effort of the entire family from the ground up. Each family member contributes their unique skills to help with this venture. We continue to add new experiences that will help mold the future for our children.

Alongside daily farming chores, the boys have began growing cucumbers, tomatoes, and flowers in their two Hi Tunnels. This is all on top of weekend jackpot and Jr. National livestock competitions.